Rip Joan Rivers

2x12 | 5x09 Favorite Outfits

Can all the lesbians of tumblr reblog this so I can follow you.

R&I 5x11: Maura in workout gear. (You’re welcome.)

Both of them proposed, now they can get married. Cheers!

I’m not heartless. I just learned how to use my heart less.


Challenge accepted!! I’d like to nominate @mcgregor_ewan @MaggieQ @DylanMcDermott @realmonaghan! Please be sure to donate to the cause as well. ‪#‎alsicebucketchallenge‬

rizzoli and isles; 5x09 | 6 random caps

rizzoli and isles; 5x09 | 6 random caps

If I were dating you, I'd invite you over for dinner to my place and cook something for us and then we could go for a nice nighttime walk on the beach. :)

Can you also read my mind? That would be the perfect night together ❤️ def my favorite things, and also music!